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Minister Wan Gang Meets Mongolian Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports

On Sept. 23rd, 2016, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang met in Shanghai with the visiting Mongolian Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports J.Batsuuri who headed a delegation to the 2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum.

Wan made a positive comment on bilateral relations between China and Mongolia, affirming the fruits of practical cooperation in S&T sector. He said Mongolia is a significant partner of China in pushing S&T innovation cooperation along “Belt and Road”, with both sides already enjoying a solid foundation. China and Mongolia should allow the inter-governmental joint commission on S&T cooperation to play a guiding role, advancing practical cooperation in S&T sector including Mongolia Science Park Scheme, joint research projects, China-Mongolia Bio-polymers Application Joint Lab, and China-Mongolia Technology Transfer Center. Besides, the Chinese side hopes Mongolia will recommend more excellent young scientists to conduct research in China.

Relevant officials from the Department of International Cooperation of MOST, Shanghai Municipal S&T Commission and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region attended the meeting.