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International Workshop on Traffic Information Management System Held in Hefei

On Sept. 12th, 2016, the Opening Ceremony of the International Workshop on Traffic Information Management System Application and Promotion was held in Hefei. This event was sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), organized by China Science and Technology Exchange Center and Anhui Keli Information Industry Co., Ltd. Invited speakers included officials from the Department of International Cooperation, MOST, Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Anhui Provincial S&T Exchange Center, Hefei Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and the Science and Technology Bureau of the High-tech Zone. Also present at the ceremony were experts from Rutgers University and the Institute of Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Center.

The workshop offered participants the overview of China’s S&T innovation system and China’s policies on technical workshops oriented to developing countries. Having always valued S&T cooperation with developing countries, China looks forward to fostering long-term partnership and friendship with fellow developing countries.

Representatives from Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco and Vietnam participated in the 20-day workshop on intelligent traffic technology in the city of Hefei. The training included classroom lectures and field visits, allowing participants to have a better understanding of China’s achievements in intelligent transport.

The workshop has played a positive role in disseminating China’s intelligent traffic control technology and uplifting the intelligent traffic control of the developing world, further cementing long-term friendship with fellow developing nations.