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9th International Youth Nuclear Congress Held in Hangzhou

The 9th International Youth Nuclear Congress organized by the Chinese Nuclear Society took place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 25. Deputy Director Yang Dazhu from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was present and made an opening address.

The one-week congress was held under the theme of Nuclear Powering Our Life, where nearly 500 young nuclear scientists from 182 international organizations, governments, enterprises, research institutes and universities in 32 countries and regions discussed a wide range of topics including nuclear energy, nuclear fuel recycling, nuclear security, nuclear fusion, applied nuclear physics, public engagement, talent development and experience sharing through various means such as country report, keynote reports and technical discussions. In addition, the congress organized young nuclear scientists to visit Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Sanmen Nuclear Power Station, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute and Shanghai Electric.

IAEA is committed to building a bridge between science and development and a comprehensive nuclear science network. To spark young people’s interest in nuclear science and technology, IAEA announced the Junior Professional Officers (JPO) program and an internship program during the event, in addition to developing supplementary education materials about nuclear science and technology.