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National S&T Enabling Program “Cultural Theme Display System Integration and Its Application and Demonstration in Cultural Theme Parks” Passes Acceptance Inspection

On September 19, the acceptance inspection meeting for the National S&T Enabling Program “Cultural Theme Display System Integration and its Application and Demonstration in Cultural Theme Parks” was held in Wuhu, Anhui Province. After hearing the report from the project leader about the project’s implementation, examining relevant materials, inspecting the running of relevant control systems, viewing project demonstration, asking questions and having discussions on related issues, the inspection expert group found that the project completed the main tasks and targets and that it passed the acceptance inspection.

The project, approved in 2013, was carried out by Shenzhen-based Fantawild Holdings Inc. As a project supported by the National S&T Enabling Program, the project received a grant of RMB 8.23 million. With the focus on the needs of the development of cultural theme parks, the project developed cultural theme image integration technologies including cinematic simulation, 3D exhibition and extrasensory experiences and related virtual interactive entertainment equipment and control systems and a series of theme display technology system integration solutions. The cultural theme park image integration technologies developed include a method of combining 3D spherical screen and virtual reality, panoramic rendering of spherical screen-based virtual scenes, projection onto spherical screen, a large-scale program-controlled wire system used for videography, HDR sticker-based high-realism image rendering and other key technologies, which have obtained nine patents and nine copyrights. In addition, the project, based on the development model of China’s intangible cultural heritage theme parks, designed and developed a number of theme projects including Havoc in Heaven, The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd and Flaming Mountains, which have been put into trial operation in Wuhu and Zhengzhou, injecting new vitality into traditional stories in a theme park setting through modern technologies. During the project implementation, the Oriental Heritage Theme Park in Wuhu (also known as China (Wuhu) Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo), an all-new theme park which perfectly integrates China’s intangible cultural heritage, modern technology and tourism, was officially opened to the public. With a variety of highly entertaining and engaging attractions including Goddess Nuwa Mending the Sky, Mayhem in the Crystal Palace, The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd and Leifeng Pagoda, the picturesque theme park keeps visitors attracted and entertained with every step they take, taking them on an exciting high-tech journey of Chinese traditional culture.

The acceptance inspection expert group concluded that the application and popularization of modern technologies such as information technology, digital technology, Internet technology, big data and cloud computing in the cultural sector has not only increased the comprehensive competitiveness of the cultural industry but also spawned various new cultural business formats, and that the fusion of culture and technology has become an important way to promote the country’s economic restructuring.