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22nd ITER Council MAC Meeting Held in France

The 22nd Meeting of the ITER Council Management Advisory Committee (“MAC”) was held at the ITER headquarters (Cadarache, France) on October 25-27, 2016. The meeting focused on discussions about the updated long-term project schedules and total funding increase requirements submitted by the ITER Organization and the updated benchmark documents of the ITER Program formulated based on the above contents so as to hold early consultations and reach consensus about the 19th Council Meeting of the ITER Organization to be held in November. The meeting deliberated on and adopted the routine documents on ITER program management submitted by the ITER Organization, including the status of implementation of the 2016 annual work plan and budget, progress in construction and installation agency work, human resource management and staffing. The meeting also discussed some documents to be submitted to the 19th Council for examination and approval and provided administrative decision-making advice to the Council.

Mr. Luo Delong, Director General of the China International Nuclear Fusion Program Execution Center, led the Chinese delegation to the meeting. The ITER Council is the highest decision-making body of the ITER Organization and also an important platform for all members to have an equal say on relevant matters. The ITER Council consists of four decision advisory bodies, including the Management Advisory Committee (MAC), the Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC), the Financial Audit Board (FAB) and the Test Blanket Module Program Committee (TBM-PC), as well as a council preparatory working group. The MAC is responsible for reviewing management and administrative issues which may arise during the implementation of the ITER Program and for offering advice on the Council.

After the meeting, the Chinese delegation was invited to visit the Tokamak Building, installation hall, low-temperature workshop and high voltage substation which were still under construction. Members of the delegation also visited the already completed Poloidal Field (PF) Coils Winding Facility and had a comprehensive understanding of the division of work and manufacturing of PF coil procurement packages.