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China Signs Final ITER Procurement Agreement

On 16 November, under the witness of Vice Minister of Science and Technology Yin Hejun, Head of China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program Execution Center Luo Delong signed the China ITER Procurement Agreement for Enhanced Heat Flux First Wall, which was the last ITER procurement agreement signed between China and the ITER organization. China has thus signed all the 18 pledged ITER procurement agreements, which marked the entry into the implementation phase.
After signing the first ITER procurement agreement in June 2008, China has signed 18 procurement agreements on a range of ITER systems, including conductor, power, support, diagnose and blanket, covering the manufacturing of almost all key components of ITER devices.
ITER is one of the largest international cooperation plans on big science in the world today, and the first large international scientific and technological cooperation program in which China takes part as an equal partner with full rights. The goal of the project is to conduct controlled nuclear fusion reaction, verify the scientific and technological feasibility of the peaceful use of nuclear fusion energy, and provide the scientific and technological basis for the commercial application of fusion energy. The main parties to the ITER project include China, EU, India, Japan, ROK, Russia and US, and the ITER site is located in France.