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First National Competition of Science Stars Concludes

The “2016 National Competition of Science Stars” came to a successful conclusion on November 13,2016. The contest was sponsored by China Science and Technology Exchange Center and organized by Guangdong Science Center. The contest was divided into two categories, performance show and talk show, with 46 teams and 120 members from 22 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Jiangsu, as well as Macau Special Administrative Region staging fabulous performances to demonstrate the beauty of science and art.

After two days of thrilling and intense competition, Guangdong team’s “Colder than Ice” and Guangzhou team’s “Out of Blue” were honored with the first prize in the category of performance show, and Dalian team’s “The Different Whale” and Shanghai team’s “Dance with the Mosquito” won the first prize in the category of talk show. Six shows including the “Magic Bubble” show from the Macao team and Shanghai team’s “The 5 inch World” won the second prize. Ten shows including “Echo from the Earth” from the Shaanxi team and the talk show “Liang Ping’s Eyes vs Eagle’s Eyes” from the Heilongjiang team received the third prize. In addition to science popularization specialists, a team of researchers from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences was awarded the second prize in the category of talk show for their show “The fairy Tale of Copper”. The show was about the latest research into the application of copper materials in kitchenware. Four individual awards, i.e. Most Popular Program Award, Best Science Dissemination Award, Best Stage Effect Award, and Best Creativity Award were granted to individual winners.

News about the contest has been reported and reposted by several famous media like Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Guangzhou Daily, www.sina.com.cn and www.163.com, and was live broadcast online. The competition has drawn a large audience of different age groups. Many kids came to watch the show, simply lying on their stomachs on the carpet in front of the stage.