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Israeli ICT Roadshow Held in Nanjing, Shanghai, Jinan & Beijing

The Israeli ICT Roadshow to China was held in Nanjing, Shanghai, Jinan and Beijing respectively from December 19 to 22, 2016. The event was jointly sponsored by China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Israeli Innovation Authority, Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and co-organized by Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer, Shanghai Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center, Shandong Provincial Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center and Beijing Hi-tech International Business Incubator Co., Ltd.

The event brought 14 Israeli companies to China to showcase their state-of-the-art technologies and projects in ICT field, including mobile terminal security management platforms, voice recognition technology, computer visualization technology, wearable devices, Internet of Things positioning, tracking & security technology, automotive chip 3D imaging radar technology, mobile edge computing platforms and so on. The advanced Israeli innovative technologies attracted representatives of 120 enterprises and investment institutions in Nanjing, 150 in Shanghai, 100 in Jinan and 180 in Beijing to be involved, with nearly 400 one-to-one matchmaking events held at the road show sites. The Roadshow achieved remarkable results.

As one of the important events under the China-Israel Governmental Framework for Innovation Cooperation, the Roadshow aims to boost cooperation between Chinese and Israeli enterprises in collaborative R&D and innovation fields. It is also a technology, project and capital connectivity platform which the governments of the two countries provide to serve the actual needs of localities and enterprises in both countries by fully leveraging their respective advantages.

BACKGROUND: Aiming at strengthening China-Israel cooperation in science & technology and industry, the China Science and Technology Exchange Center and the Israeli Innovation Authority have jointly held a series of events since 2011, including “Israeli Life Sciences & Technology Road Show to China”, “Israeli New Energy Technology Road Show to China”, and “Israeli ICT Road Show to China”. These events have promoted international science and technology cooperation between Chinese localities and Israel and pushed forward industry technology cooperation and joint R&D between Chinese enterprises and innovative Israeli enterprises, becoming one of the most successful and effective model and platform of cooperation between Chinese and Israeli industries.