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Notice on Appeals and Complaints of NKP Projects on International STI Cooperation

To standardized the management of key projects on international cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI) under the National Key R&D Program (NKP), ensure related project proposals are evaluated, granted and implemented in an open, fair and just manner, the China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC) will accept and handle appeals or complaints related to the key projects, investigate and verify reported issues, and provide feedbacks in accordance with relevant provisions.

I. Scope 
1. Appeals regarding the whole application procedure from the submission of project proposals, acceptance, evaluation, funding and grants and project implementation;
2. Complaints regarding the due diligence, research integrity and other aspects of project management personnel, evaluation experts, project consortiums and project team members. 
Appeals or complaints that fall under any of the following categories shall not be accepted.
1. Appeals lodged not by a project applicant;
2. Appeals submitted after the specified deadline (as specified in public notification);
3. Appeals that disagree with academic judgments of evaluation experts; or
4. Complaints or appeals not related to the key projects of international cooperation in science, technology and innovation.

II. Requirements
1. To lodge an appeal, one must provide a detailed explanation of the situation, his/her signatures/seals, the primary entity applying for the project, recommending departments, as well as other necessary valid proof. One must confirm that: should the situation be untrue, I and my affiliation shall assume all consequences arising therefrom.
2. For complaints and reports, those who complain must show his/her real name and provide valid evidence or proof, otherwise the complaint will not be accepted.

III. Contact details
1. Address for correspondence: Room 200, China Science and Technology Exchange Center, 54 Sanlihe Road, Xicheng District, Beijing 100045 (Registered letter or China Post EMS is required. Please do not use express couriers.)
2. E-mail: jianduzu@cstec.org.cn
3. TEL: 010-68511847 (recording phone)

This is the end of the notice. 

China Science and Technology Exchanges Center
January 12, 2017