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Vice-Minister Li Meng Attends 21st Regular Meeting on S&T Cooperation during China-Russia Prime Ministers‘Regular Meeting

On October 29, 2017, the 21st Regular Meeting of the Subcommittee for Cooperation in Science and Technology of the China-Russia Prime Ministers‘Regular Meeting Committee was held in Beijing. Vice-Minister Li Meng of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), China, and Deputy Minister Trubnikov Grigorij of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (MES of Russia) co-chaired the meeting.
During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views in an in-depth manner on various topics, including the current status and prospects of China-Russia cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI), cooperation within the framework of mega-science apparatus, pragmatic cooperation in large-scale projects, and joint holding of people-to-people S&T exchanges.
Vice Minister Li Meng pointed out that in line with the instructions of President Xi Jinping and President Putin and under the guidance of the China-Russia Prime Ministers’Regular Meeting Committee, China and Russia have made great progress in their pragmatic STI cooperation. The people-to-people S&T exchanges between the two counties became increasingly active, and cooperation in joint research and development (R&D) project and mega-science installations has been expanded and promoted steadily. The interdepartmental and interregional cooperation also gained substantive progress. Vice Minister Li Meng hoped that the two sides can connect the Belt & Road Initiative with the Eurasian Economic Union, further expand people-to-people S&T exchanges, jointly plan and implement a number of large-scale cooperation projects beneficial to the S&T progress and industrial development in both countries, strengthen coordination and cooperation in the field of mega-science installations and continuously enhance China-Russia STI cooperation.
Deputy Minister Trubnikov Grigorij expressed his satisfaction with the current status of China-Russia STI cooperation and agreed with China‘s proposal for deepening cooperation. He said that Russia is willing to make joint efforts with China to take the connectivity between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union as an opportunity and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of pragmatic large-scale projects and mega-science installations.
After the meeting, the two sides signed the Protocol of the Twenty-First Regular Meeting of the Subcommittee for Cooperation in Science and Technology of China-Russia Prime Ministers’Regular Meeting Committee.

Attending the meeting were representatives from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC), the Chinese Embassy in Russia, research institutions of CAS, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian International Union of Instrument Manufacturing and Information Technology Experts, and the Russian Embassy in China.
According to the agreement reached by the two sides, the 22nd Meeting of the Subcommittee for Cooperation in Science and Technology of China-Russia Prime Ministers‘Regular Meeting Committee will be held in Russia in 2018.