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2nd China-Uruguay Joint Committee Meeting on S&T Cooperation Held in Montevideo

On September 4, 2017, the 2nd China-Uruguay Joint Committee Meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation was held in Montevideo. Xu Nanping, Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology and Edith Moraes, Uruguay Vice Minister of Education and Culture co-chaired the meeting. Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Dong Xiaojun attended and addressed the meeting. Representatives from MOST, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Uruguayan Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, the Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment and other departments attended the meeting.
Vice Minister Xu Nanping said that the Chinese government takes innovation as the primary driving force for development, pursues the innovation-driven development strategy, and attaches high importance to international S&T cooperation. China-Uruguay cooperation in S&T innovation enjoys a solid foundation with strong complementarity and broad prospects. The two sides should fully mobilize the initiatives of the industries, academic institutions and research community through building joint laboratories and promoting personnel exchange to accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, promote deeper integration between technology and economy, and improve people’s well-being in both countries.
Ambassador Dong Xiaojun pointed out that China and Uruguay have established strategic partnership last year, with S&T cooperation as an important part. New progress is expected in the future cooperation between the S&T departments of two sides to promote bilateral relations.
Vice Minister Edith Moraes spoke highly of China‘s achievements in S&T innovation and said that Uruguay is willing to continue its in-depth cooperation with China under the framework of the Joint Committee on Intergovernmental Science and Technology Cooperation. Uruguay welcomed China’s proposal of building joint laboratories, promoting personnel exchange and conducting joint researches with China in areas of common interest.
After the meeting, Vice Minister Xu Nanping and Uruguay Minister of Education and Culture María Julia Muñoz signed the Memorandum of Understanding between MOST China and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay on the Establishment of China-Uruguay Joint Laboratory.