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Minister Wan Gang Attends International Seminar on Powertrain Technology Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Fuel Vehicles

In order to further promote international cooperation and speed up the transformation and upgrading of energy-sourced powertrain technologies. On January 15, 2018, the International Seminar on Powertrain Technology Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Fuel Vehicles was held in the China Hall of Science and Technology. The meeting was sponsored by China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association with the guidance of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the International Affairs of China Association for Science and Technology. Focusing on the theme of “energy-saving, emission reduction, green development”, the participants had an in-depth discussion on the powertrain technology upgrading of traditional fuel vehicles and the development of fuel cells and other new energy sources to boost the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology and President of China Association for Science and Technology, addressed the meeting.
Wan Gang pointed out that the green development of economy and society and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature are the trend of the times. With the progress of human society and the need of the people for a better life, energy conservation and emission reduction are attracting growing attention in all sectors of the society. Both the automobile and internal combustion engine industries are facing huge pressure in reducing energy consumption and emission. We must analyze the situation with cool headedness and turn the challenges into opportunities for development. Wan Gang said that energy efficiency and emission reduction are the immediate goals for the upgrading of internal combustion engines. Given the gap in energy consumption with advanced international standards, China needs to invest more resources and organize scientific research in high-performance critical components and post-processing. The combination of internal combustion engine and electrification is a likely direction, as it can meet higher emission requirements with lower cost. Therefore, we need to give great prominence to the industrialization of fuel cell applications, and make preparations in advance.
Over 40 entrepreneurs, academicians and experts from well-known Chinese and foreign companies, associations, academic societies, research institutions and higher learning institutions attended the seminar. They came from Bosch Group, Deutz Group, AVL company, FEV company, Ballard Power Systems, Nissan, the European Association of Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tianjin University, China FAW Group, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Automotive Technology & Research Center, and China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association.