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MOST Holds Talks with Panamanian Foreign Ministry on Promoting Bilateral Science and Technology Cooperation

On July 26, 2018, Cai Jianing, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China, met in Beijing with a visiting delegation headed by Nicole Wong, Director General of Foreign Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama. The two sides exchanged views on China‘s science, technology and innovation development and international science and technology cooperation, and held in-depth discussion on establishing a cooperative relationship in science, technology and innovation, and undertaking bilateral S&T collaboration projects.

DDG Cai Jianing welcomed DG Nicole Wong and her delegation to MOST as the first Panamanian government delegation. DDG Cai Jianing talked about the S&T partnerships between China and other countries and regions. He elaborated on the four major measures of the Belt and Road Action Plan on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation unveiled by President Xi Jinping at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017. He also introduced to the Panamanian delegation the China-Latin America Science and Technology Partnership Program, China-Latin America Young Scientists Exchange Program and Technical Training Workshop for Developing Countries. DDG Cai Jianing said that China is willing to actively establish STI relations with Panama and that the two sides can strengthen mutual understanding between the two countries’ science and research communities and promote bilateral science and innovation cooperation through personnel exchanges, seminars and training. The Department of International Cooperation of MOST also welcomes the Panamanian Embassy in China to visit relevant research institutions and is willing to provide necessary assistance for Panama to understand the status quo and progress of science and technology in China. 

DG Nicole Wong responded positively to the views and suggestions of DDG Cai. She said that Panama highly appreciates China‘s rapid science and technology development and open innovation, attaches great importance to the establishment of science and innovation relations with China, and hopes to start consultations with China on the text of the bilateral agreement on science, technology and innovation cooperation in the near future. DG Nicole Wong pointed out that Panama is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in the fields of information technology and science and technology policy. She hoped that the two sides can start to promote mutual understanding from personnel exchange and jointly promote the continuous progress of STI cooperation between the two countries.

Panamanian Ambassador to China, Mr. Francisco Escobar Pedreschi was present at the meeting.