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Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo Meets with Chairman and CEO of Daimler Group Greater China Region Hubertus Troska

Photo by Liu Daming/MOSTIC

On September 21, 2018, Zhang Jianguo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, met with Hubertus Troska, Chairman and CEO of Daimler Group Greater China Region, and his delegation. He was briefed on Daimler Group‘s development strategy in China and exchanged in-depth views with the guest on new energy vehicles, foreign experts and other issues of mutual interest.

Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo briefed Chairman Hubertus Troska on China’s determination and measures to open wider to the outside world, emphasizing that China should strengthen open cooperation in innovation. Speaking of new energy vehicles, Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo introduced the status quo of new energy vehicles in China, pointing out that electrification, intellectualization, networking and lightweight will be the future development trends of new energy vehicles. Under the new situation, the Chinese government will pay more attention to industry, technology and policy innovations to promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles. Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo also briefed the visiting guest on the latest measures taken by China to attract foreign talents and shared detailed cases to prove the positive role of expert mobility in promoting cooperation of the two countries in science, technology and innovation. He said that the Ministry of Science and Technology would continue to encourage the contacts of technical personnel and provide more convenience and support for the exchanges and visits of experts. He hoped that Daimler Group could adopt a more open and positive attitude towards cooperation with China and push forward collaboration in the fields of new energy vehicles and talents.

Chairman Hubertus Troska actively echoed Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo‘s views and suggestions. He introduced Daimler Group’s business development and strategy in China and said that the company would actively carry out R&D activities with China in the fields of new energy vehicles and explore the global market together.

Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo affirmed that Daimler Group’s practice of building on its existing strength to adapt to the development trends of science and technology and actively explore ways of transition, saying that the Ministry of Science and Technology would provide services and support to strengthen the cooperation between Chinese and German hi-tech enterprises.