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Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo Chairs Expert Seminar in Moscow

On October 18, 2018, Zhang Jianguo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, chaired a seminar with Russian experts at the Chinese embassy in Moscow during his visit to Russia for the 22nd Meeting of the S&T Subcommittee of the Chinese-Russian Committee on Preparing Regular Meetings of the Government, the 2nd China-Russia Innovation Dialogue and the 1st China-Russia Science, Technology and Innovation Day. The seminar was attended by ten experts, including recipients of Chinese Government Friendship Award, relatives of former Soviet experts dispatched to China for aid, and representatives of Russian partner organizations. Su Fangqiu, Minister Counselor of the Chinese embassy in Russia, addressed the seminar on behalf of Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui.
Zhang Jianguo said that the Chinese government has always attached importance to the views of foreign experts. In a meeting with Russian experts in Moscow, General Secretary Xi Jinping cited the Chinese proverb, “When drinking water, one should never forget those who dug the well,” and said that the Chinese people are grateful to foreign experts who have made contributions to China’s construction and development. Currently, the unprecedentedly prosperous China-Russia relationship has ushered in a golden period for science and technology cooperation and talent exchange between the two countries. We should make good use of the new situation and new opportunities to advance cooperation and develop new thinking and new measures, to highlight the high level and particular significance of China-Russia relations.
Zhang Jianguo also briefed the attendees on China’s science and technology system reform. He said that the integration of relevant functions of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs will facilitate the implementation of more effective talent policy and provide high-quality services for foreign experts working in China so that they can come, stay, contribute and move freely.
The seminar was held in a friendly and lively atmosphere. The experts shared their observations and reflections on China-Russia science and technology cooperation based on their work experience and put forward many specific opinions and suggestions regarding various issues such as young scientist development, innovation competition, information exchange, national condition studies, exchange of laboratory materials and renewable energy cooperation. Zhang Jianguo said that the discussion results will be studied and help enrich the content of China-Russia people-to-people exchange in science and technology.