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Minister Wang Zhigang Holds Symposium with Foreign Scientists

  On August 28, Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang held a symposium with foreign scientists during the Pujiang Innovation Forum. Under the theme “Science, Technology and Innovation for Global Development”, Minister Wang had an in-depth exchange of views with the participating foreign scientists and heeded their views on further advancing open STI cooperation in the new era. Li Meng, Vice Minister of Science and Technology and Director-General of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Liu Duo, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and Shang Yuying, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, attended the symposium. 

  Minister Wang Zhigang pointed out that the rapid advances of science and technology in today’s world have profoundly shaped the future of all nations and fundamentally changed the way we understand and transform the world. Looking for answers and solutions from science, technology and innovation (STI) is the only way to tackle global challenges and promote the prosperity and development of the world. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government has always attached high importance to STI development, and stayed firm in pursuing innovation-driven development and open cooperation with fruitful results. Through over four decades of reform and opening up, China has moved ahead in opening its science and technology sector. Going forward, China will only open its door of STI cooperation even wider. The Chinese government will continue to take innovation as the primary driving force for development, implement a strategy of international science and technology cooperation featuring greater openness, inclusiveness, mutually benefit and shared outcomes, actively integrate into the global innovation network, vigorously implement the Global Development Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping, and promote the sharing of scientific and technological achievements among more countries and peoples.

  Fifteen scientists from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Japan, Thailand and Pakistan spoke at the symposium and offered their comments and suggestions on topics such as basic research, enterprise innovation, scientific and technological talents, and open cooperation. They commended China for its STI achievements, the gesture of the Chinese government toward greater openness and cooperation, and the innovation opportunities provided by China’s development for global scientific and technological talents. As the scientists said, science knows no borders and science and technology is critical for meeting global challenges. It is imperative for countries around the world to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the STI field and contribute to the progress and development of mankind. Minister Wang responded to their comments, suggestions and concerns one by one. 

  Dai Gang, Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation of MOST, Wang Junming, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Expert Services of MOST, Xu Jie, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation of MOST, Xia Bing, Deputy Director-General of China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, as well as Cao Yuanfeng, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Zhang Quan, Director-General of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and Huang Hong, Deputy Director-General of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, attended the symposium.