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Vice Minister Zhang Guangjun Meets AmCham China President Michael Hart

  On July 14, 2023, Vice Minister Zhang Guangjun held a meeting with Michael Hart, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China), and representatives from member companies of the chamber. The two parties engaged in in-depth discussions on topics related to China-US technology relations, China‘s technology policies, and how foreign enterprises can better take part in China’s technology development.

  Zhang Guangjun stated that science and technology cooperation between China and the United States can date back to the inception of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and is an essential component of bilateral relations. The industrial sectors of both nations play a crucial role in scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, and they now shoulder the mission of promoting mutual understanding between the peoples of both countries. The chamber has maintained close communication with both governments, providing a platform for American companies to explore business cooperation with Chinese partners. It has played a significant role in promoting economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries. China and the United States should prioritize the common interests of the international community, working together to address shared challenges and make joint contribution to the progress of human civilization.

  Zhang Guangjun pointed out that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made arrangements for international cooperation on science and technology. It emphasized the need to “expand international exchanges and cooperation on science and technology, strengthen efforts to build international-level research environment, and create a globally competitive open and innovative ecosystem.” China‘s doors for sci-tech cooperation will only open wider, and China is willing to deepen and expand exchanges and cooperation with counterparts from all countries, including the United States. China is committed to the progress of global science and technology. The Chinese government will continue to accelerate the development of an open and innovative ecosystem, and create a favorable environment for businesses from all over the world to invest and grow in China and share the opportunities brought by China’s development. The Ministry of Science and Technology would like to enhance communication with the chamber and its member companies, listen to their demands, and guide and support scientific research cooperation between the industrial sectors of both countries. This will add a technological dimension to the development of bilateral relations.

  Michael Hart expressed his appreciation for Vice Minister Zhang Guangjun’s remarks. He stated that the chamber is committed to helping American companies operating in China provide suggestions and advice to the government. He also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology for providing this opportunity for in-depth and candid communication. The chamber advocates for the rebuilding communication mechanisms between the United States and China, and restarting and encouraging valuable people-to-people exchanges through initiatives such as releasing the “White Paper on American Companies in China” and organizing events like the “Washington DC Doorknock” program. The chamber will continue acting as a bridge to enhance communication and cooperation between the two countries. During the meeting, representatives from the chamber’s member companies presented suggestions concerning optimizing the innovation ecosystem and supporting foreign enterprises to conduct research and development in China.